Become a Millionaire with Music Production Business

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Many people have wrong views about the music production business. They think that as soon as you become a musician, you will automatically become a billionaire and Star. Musicians later realize that selling of records alone will get them nowhere or be close to being a billionaire in the music production industry.  So, they often resort to selling-out in order to make more money.

Here are a few tips on how to become a millionaire with the music production business.

1.    Decide your genre: The first thing to do is to decide on the type of music you want to make so you will not risk having to change it later and lose fans. So choose your genre right from the start and stick with it. We have Rock, Pop, Metal, Reggae, piano worship music, Classical and Country and so on. So you can pick one from the list or you might have had your heart set on one right from the start. The point is: know what genre you want to make.

2.    Learn how to play an Instrument: Not knowing how to play an instrument or to even sing will affect your progress and you won’t make it far in the Music production business let alone becoming a billionaire. You will not have a very big fan base too. So, it is important that you learn how to sing, play the guitar or any other musical instrument.

3.    Write songs: Now that you have picked a genre and you can sing and play an instrument, you will need to write a few songs. Without songs, it will be impossible for people to hear the message you are sending in your music. But if you are not good at writing songs, you might consider being a cover artist – someone who just covers other people’s song. The point is: get some songs ready for playing.

4.    Advertising: If no one is aware that there is an awesome new musician around, how are you going to become a millionaire in the music business? So, advertise by putting up flyers wherever you are allowed to. This is called publicizing.

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