How to Use WhatsApp to Grow Your Business

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More than a year ago, there is a version of the app for small businesses. 7 aspects to consider before starting to use it. Is it possible to apply chatbots in that tool?

Since taking over the position of Jack Koum, former WhatsApp CEO, Chris Daniels (his successor) has already visited India twice this year. The objective is clear: to grow the business of the chat service in that country.

They will work together in the fight against fake news on the viralized by WhatsApp, which have triggered violence and deaths in the country.

In addition, from the company they have transmitted to these authorities the desire to support and grow small Indian companies. It is no accident that the business version of the messaging service, WhatsApp Business, has started to work in India.

It is an application that has more than a year and is aimed at SMEs (with a greater focus on small businesses). It works as a communication channel with customers, which aims to be more effective than the traditional version.

What happens to the big companies

Today, the business version of the courier service is aimed at SMEs. However, large companies can request the Business API (in Spanish, application programming interfaces) to use the service, although it is limited access.

As they point out from Facebook to Infobae, this version for large companies is an integration to the social network system. It allows you to send notifications (it is a paid service) and have customer service (free), and connects to your CRM (the administrator).

To obtain the API, large companies must be approved in an internal process. There are some industries, which would not be accepted. The use of the messenger service for business must not have a promotional or marketing purpose, nor be linked to the game, alcohol or political parties.

It is also a solution for the private sector, it is not aimed at public services or governments. Companies such as Uber, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines or the Wish store are already testing this version of the courier service.

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