How to Make Money with Doll Tutorial

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It’s a money chase in the society. Everyone wants to live a comfortable life. Several sectors and businesses are exploited and many are excelling. Making and sales of dolls is one of the gold mines if exploited. This article will discuss the making of dolls and how to make money off it.

To make money off doll business, firstly, you have to know how to make a doll. There are different types of dolls, but this article will discuss the basic steps on how to make a doll.

Easy dollhouse tutorial

1. To start your easy dollhouse tutorial, visit a hobby shop or online and purchase doll parts such as the head, body, arms, and legs. Ensure these parts are matched size-wise. Also buy a paint and thinner, a paintbrush, and also some doll clothes if you wouldn’t be making one yourself.

2. Next, assemble the doll. Fix each body part to where they belong and where you will want them to be. Plastic doll parts can mostly be pressed into holes on the body to make a doll with moving joints. Also, you can use a fitting type of glue to fix the parts in position. When you use glue, ensure to clean off excess glue from around the joint after you are done.

3. Then, paint a face on the doll if the doll’s head is not pre-painted. Also paint makeup on the face too. Make use of a small brush when painting, and begin using the basic colors first. Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying the next one and also allow the doll dry up when you are done.

4. Next is to put a wig to the doll’s head if it doesn’t have one already.You can do this by simply gluing pieces of yarn to the top of the doll’s head with a fitting glue or you can sew yarn into a piece of cloth to sit on the doll’s head. You can also buy readymade doll wigs.

5. The final stage is to dress the doll. Make use of any type of clothes you bought and dress the doll however you like. You can see an example of easy diy mini dollhouse kit online. After going through these 5 listed steps, your doll is ready and you are done!

After making your doll, the next step is to make money off it. Basically, you can make money off the dolls you make by selling them. To achieve reasonable sales, it is important to make use of viable sale methods and channels.

1. Online sales: If you have personal accounts on the different social media platforms, you can create videos on diy dollhouse kits and upload them on these platforms with a brief caption mentioning the name or type of the doll and the price. You can also create a business page of these social media platforms primary devoted to the sale of your dolls.

2. You can also rent or purchase a stand or shop in a local market where you will display your dolls for sale.

3. Go to environments where you will find many kids such as schools, parks, malls etc. There, display your dolls and start selling.

Children make up about 25% of the world’s population. Hence, doll making and sales is a viable and profitable venture.

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